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Master's Teachings Volume 5

The Missing Link - Your Twin Flame

28 February 2007

Allow my presence and love to engulf you now. It is given freely acknowledging Universal Oneness.

My channel has asked me to speak on the subject of Twin Flames.
It appears many are requesting more information and a deeper understanding regarding this subject. It is also deemed to be the correct 'time' to release further information on this subject. In the past few would have been able to grasp the true, deeper meaning of their twin flame into the conscious mind.

By your human meaning the word twin means identical, similar, or of the same embryo which has divided into two, thereby forming a replica, a twin. Also contained in each twin is an extra sensory perception, a sixth sense. This has allowed each twin to penetrate the web of the ethers to sense the other, to know when the other twin is in danger, or ill. You can all accept and understand this, it has been documented, so has been accepted through experience and the written communication.

Now, as man moves into the final stage of his evolution, we give an extension of this term - that of Twin Flame.

You see it is not necessary to be of the same human embryo to be called twin flames. And further, I tell you this which I speak of today does not refer to romance or physical love. No, indeed not. And I have spoken of this subject before, yet in this teaching I wish to deepen your understanding. And so, I ask you to think again of the sixth sensory perception available to 'twins'. You realize and acknowledge there is a higher connection available. Now I take you a step further - for twin flames have an even higher sensory connection available, indeed much higher, for the other part, the other twin flame is God. Yes God. For those of higher understanding already, this is the missing link.

Those ones, who have shed the emotional layers, shed the deeply ingrained belief of lack, those who have risen to higher dimensions in their understanding and therefore their soul, know there is another link - my friends this is the final link. The link to allow you to step through the Great Central Sun, the heart of the first God, which in turn connects through to the Greater Central Sun. Now do you see? Do you understand? We lovingly led you step by step through higher learning to prepare you for this final step, this great final link. Joining with your true twin flame - God. Coming home to complete unconditional love, true existence in peace and love. Unity in consciousness. Unity with all, and peace and love with all.

As you have grown, in your higher learning, you have touched on your twin flame essence in your meditations. You have felt a peace, a lightness, a completion. My friends, there is more, so much more. I can tell you, this feeling you felt is in comparison to a droplet of water in a full bucket of water. So you see how much more there is. More than you can feel or comprehend. Yet as you truly unite with your twin flame, God, you will know joy and the love of which I speak.

This is your true twin flame. Those who connect to another soul, of the same higher awareness do so in purpose. For united their Light emanates so much stronger. More soul growth can be achieved for themselves and others. Through more Light and effort thousands of other souls can be uplifted.

Further, when the time is right, this unity and strength of Light will carry these twin flames of Light into true Oneness, back to the final twin flame link - God.

And how we will rejoice, and dance and sing. And you will join us in Light with a oneness yet unknown, as you return home to the essence of your true Twin Flame - God.

Master Kuthumi


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