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Questions and Answers

Questions 6 - 10

(6) Q; I have read, the distress that the hijackers (from 911) were in now that they have confronted to their deeds in the hall of mirrors, where they had to undergo the pain caused to the victims. My question is, if everything is chosen before birth, why then is the hall of mirrors needed? If a victim chooses to be a victim, why then has the actor to undergo the mirroring of the Hall of Mirrors?
Thank you. Hans, Belgium

A; When a soul returns home, the Hall of Mirrors is necessary to see and feel all effects of that souls actions during the previous incarnation. You must understand also, that although lessons and certain choices are made before incarnating, once incarnation has occurred the soul must also deal with the lower self. The self is very strong and can overrule what has been previously agreed to - if the person allows this. This is part of the continual spiritual growth I speak of.
These hijackers made a conscious choice and must now see the effects on others that this choice had.

Master Kuthumi.

(7) Q; Is Numerology (The Pythagorean School) affected by the shift of the magnetic grid or the new energy coming in. Is there any changes needed before continuing using numerology to guide people to the light path? Cecilia, Singapore

A; The basic teachings of numerology remain unchanged. The change in new energy and grid shifts on the earth will affect mankind's perception and attitudes to him self and his world. This is to be.

Master Kuthumi.

(8) Q; What effect does artificial conception (invitro fertilization) have on our souls journey? Mike, Australia

A; This is indeed an interesting question is it not - artificial fertilization/conception.
The only effect this could have on the incoming soul, is a question of love. You see the character traits, and life lessons are already present. The soul enters at the point of conception. The soul has already chosen the lessons for the current incarnation.
Now why do I say - a question of love? Because a soul who is not born or conceived with love feels it. The soul knows. So even if artificially connived, if there is love, if the incoming soul is truly wanted and loved, then there is really no negative effect at all with this process.

Master Kuthumi.

(9) Q; Master, how can we use the energies generated by the "Grand Quintile" that formed in the sky over the weekend for personal expansion? Jasper, UK

A; As you are aware, the planets play a very important part in the lives and destiny of all mankind. Indeed, many events are triggered by the various planets and the parts they play. Now can I say that this figuration is quite a rare occurrence, and in this instance triggered changes in many souls who have been resisting, or turning away from transformation and change. Now this transformation was in the area of personal goals, creating balance in the self, opening the mind to higher learning and gaining an understanding about spiritual awareness.

It created an opportunity for many to re-examine what they were creating in their lives, and what they wanted in their future. This process is very necessary indeed. Many souls you see, do not do this, and can I say, it would be so much better for them if they took the earth time to do this.

And so you see, in this way can the planets assist in the progression of mankind. Personal expansion will come through transformation of old thoughts and goals, and through raising to higher levels of consciousness. Master Kuthumi.

(10) Q; Hello Master Kuthumi, Some People use affirmations, crystals or magical rituals for 'protection', and yet others affirm that protection is not necessary at all as 'all are one' If all is within, is protection from negative energies/forces/dark brothers absurd?
I understand the nature of within and addressing that, but if most are not willing to address their internal dynamic, is it then that affirmations of protection are useful, because it's then protection against one's projections. Can you clarify. Michael UK

A; It is not 'absurd' my friend, however some of what you say is correct.
You see, until a soul is fully aware of his spirituality, and in doing so, has overcome all fear, and overcome the self, the ego, then, and only then, does one realize that protection is unnecessary. Because all fear has been conquered - the soul has grown beyond that which cripples so many. Negativity of any kind, can only enter your etheric fields if you allow it to, if fear is present. Few souls on your earth plane realize the full power they have.
However, can I say, that until this level of awareness is reached, then it is wise to use auric 'protection' by whatever means a soul believes will work personally. It is wise not to throw all caution to the wind. I do not say that 'protection' is not useful, nor beliefs are untrue. I do say there are few souls on earth who realize at what level ' protection' becomes unnecessary.

Master Kuthumi.


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