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Questions and Answers

Questions 41 - 45

(41) Q;Dear Master, since everybody knows that paying "all" taxes to the government is too much because they are too high and almost often not right, if we do not pay them, do we occur in any karmic situation? Thanks for the answer. Cristina, Italy

A; Greetings to you my dear, You struggle to do what you feel is right in your heart, yet your mind questions. To answer your question, no, there in no karma in such a situation, however, since you have chosen this place to live, have you not also chosen to live by the laws of the country?

Master Kuthumi.

(42) Q;Dear Master, I feel trapped by desire and confused by the wealth of wisdom I know I have learned. I want to help others through my work, and yet cannot seem to feel peace within. I want to progress spiritually so much but do not feel or see, only on a very broad and distant basis. Is there anything you can do, any messages you could relate? I cannot tell you how much I would value your time and your kindness.
Love and Light. Tom. UK

A, First let me say to you to set your priorities of life and begin to follow higher learning. You will not 'feel' or 'see' automatically. The 'gold' you seek within yourself must be uncovered, through inner healing, conquering the ego self, and meditation. These are your first steps. And I do urge you to think of these matters of learning as steps - one at a time. If you look at it all as you are experiencing, it does indeed seem like an insurmountable mountain. One step at a time. Begin with meditation. Join an existing meditation group is a wonderful beginning and will also give you guidance and higher learning as well.
Patience can be a hard lesson, but only if you choose it to be.

Master Kuthumi.

(43) Q;Dear Master, Many hundreds of years have passed since the Ten Commandments were first given. As we progress towards the Fourth and Fifth dimension are we to be given a better, or broader spiritual understanding of them; are we to be given new ones?
John, United Kingdom

A, My greetings to you. The commandments were given to man as a guide to live by. To follow true forgiveness and love in their daily lives. Indeed to acknowledge others, as they would wish to be acknowledged and treated themselves.

It has taken hundreds of years for man to fully comprehend the meaning of the various commandments, which were given to mankind, not to any particular man made religion. It is only in your present earth times do we see great change forming in the heart of mankind as more Light is brought to Earth.

And so you ask, will you be given a better set of commandments? My answer to your question is this - Is there a better set of guidelines or commandments that you can think of?

You see they apply in your present times as much as they did when first channeled to mankind.

Understanding, yes, a better understanding is available to all. For all those old souls who have come to your planet to assist in the process of mankind's enlightenment, they will show you the deeper understanding of those words. The souls who are guided and live in Light - the Light and essence of God - source.

For you see my friend to become enlightened, to flow from your heart in unconditional love, the essence of God - then you will understand all.

Master Kuthumi.

(44) Q;Dear Master Kuthumi, if God is perfect in every aspect, then why does he/she need to learn or gain experience trough us as creator and observer? What is  the meaning of the Universe in all dimensions? Andres, Estonia

A, My dear friend, This is a question of much depth. I will attempt to answer in brief, but I feel also requires a teaching format.

God - the Source - is all, knows all. The reason experience is required to be acknowledged is two fold. Firstly for God, to experience all levels of emotions and existence. This can only be seen and experienced through other souls who also contain Gods fragment of Light.

I ask you to remember in this question that mankind is learning to overcome his own will power, which pulled him away from God many, many years ago. Man is making his way back to God's essence. You experience this as enlightenment, as living in unconditional love for all, throughout your universe and further to other universes where life also exists.

Dimensions and universes are spoken of in my Level One channeled course. This is so others as yourself may gain knowledge and understanding of all that is.

Master Kuthumi.

(45) Q;Dear Master Kuthumi, Could the Master please advise what the best form of action is for dealing with entities that attach themselves to a person and refuse to leave that persons presence causing torment and problems for that person.
Dennis, United Kingdom

A, Greetings to you. When an entity such as this refuses to leave an incarnated soul, it is an issue of control, of power, by the entity. You see this other soul - entity as you name it - can only take control of another if fear is present. And what is it that creates this fear? It is a lack of understanding, of knowledge. Therefore a stronger soul is able to instill fear, thereby giving a form of control of another. It is 'permitted' due to the degree of fear felt by the 'hosting' soul.

As I have said, by universal law, no soul should control another. You can liken this situation to bullying, though on a deeper level. So, what to do you ask?

First it must be understood this is another soul trying to bully another, feeding on another soul's weakness. The fear must be overcome by simply understanding this. Gain strength through understanding how fear has overcome your emotions.

Then I would suggest gathering 2 or 3 Lightworkers who are strong in their Light and faith, and order by the law of the universe, and the law of God to leave the person.

Above all, no one must have any fear of the stronger soul attempting to control another.

Pray, call in all your angels, Masters and guides, do assist in guiding the 'controlling' soul to the Light, to the other side. Ask for assistance for the lost soul to be guided home, to the Light.

Faith and Light are your armor and tools

Master Kuthumi.


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