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Questions and Answers

Questions 36 - 40

(36) Q;Good day to you! I learned that we have a higher self and a lower self. So, if I'm feeling negative emotions then I'm in my lower self. Now, being aware of this, I've noticed that I've been struggling with my lower self lately. Instead of fighting with it, and striving to defeat it, I think I should befriend it instead, so we can work as a team.

What do you think?  How should I deal with my lower self?  How should I befriend it? OM SHANTI, Lyra, Singapore

A; Greetings - what joy I have as I observe your question. For you have acknowledged a key - a golden key - toward ascension. Yes, befriend your lower self - your ego. Recognize when it, when it is striving to steer you off your higher 'path' and simply acknowledge the lower self is trying to take control and sabotage! Recognize it. Then banish it! Send it off. Connect once more to the higher realms. The peace and tranquility. You will soon find the lower self appears less and less. And may I congratulate you, on your foresight and learning

Master Kuthumi.


(37) Q;Dear Master Kuthumi, Does each soul that passes over reach happiness and peace or do some souls for example those who have caused great hurt to others suffer eternally? Will we meet our loved ones again? Is it okay to try and communicate with souls who have passed over? Thank you. Linda. Australia

A; So many questions, but yes, each soul will reach a new happiness and any hurt the soul has will be healed. I have given teachings on this very subject. Even those who have hurt others are received in love, here, yet also experiences all hurts they have created and caused throughout their last incarnation. You will meet your loved ones again. You se here we have no duality, only love, and peace. It is Earth who has the duality of Light and dark, negative and positive - duality - you see? And yes, souls here love to communicate with their loved ones. The love and recognition does not cease when a soul crosses over to another dimension. It is the physical body and all negative emotions which are left behind.
In Light and love to you.

Master Kuthumi.


(38) Q;Greetings Master Kuthumi my question is during meditation when connecting to universal mind how do we click in to hear? The first step of feeling spirit or higher self is like a vibration so then how to progress further to feel clear advice? love to all. Patricia. Australia

A; Let me say firstly, that not all will be able to obtain clairaudiance. In a few years time, yes, but as we speak. No.To progress toward your next step, keep meditating, keep asking, keep believing. It may be your answers will be shown instead of heard. Each individual will progress differently, and each one in a different time span. Simply persist in this meditative manner.

Master Kuthumi.


(39) Q;Dear Lord Kuthumi & Madam Lynette, I've a question which's very important to me: you said we need to balance out our karma in order to ascend, then , if I inflict pain on myself many times in the day and have the most terrible nightmares during the night, could I clear my debts, purify and ascend sooner? thank you for your help! . Sei, Singapore

A; Greetings to you. Firstly, you must learn to love yourself totally, your mind, your body, and your spirit. Nurture and feed the bodies well. It is important. With love and forgiveness the nightmares will cease. No do not inflict pain on yourself, to ascend is to give love to yourself and others, it is peace in your heart, it is allowing others to learn also, not enduring their battles. It is Light, it is Love. to clear your debts is a choice, it is a situation you have created. Therefore to clear your debts, you decide to take another form of action. Live honestly, with the laws of the universe. Meditate, be at peace with all. This is the fastest way to ascension.

Master Kuthumi.


(40) Q;Dear Kuthumi Sir & Lynette Madam, I have only 1 goal in life, which is to become a living ascended master, and I've been trying my best all these years to achieve it, may I know what's the swiftest way to become enlightened? thanks a lot for your help! Alexis. Singapore

A; Greetings, First I would say to you be sure to live your life in balance, total balance, of peace, love, goodwill, at the same time fulfilling your daily commitment of living in the heavier dimension of Earth. How does one become enlightened you ask? By living with the laws of the universe in unconditional love. Have no fear for anything or anyone, have only love for all and peace in your heart.

Master Kuthumi.



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