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Questions and Answers

Questions 31 - 35

(31) Q; Hi, I know that there is fate. Nothing happening on this earth is just coincidental, including the existence of murderers, whom they are going to kill etc. Actually, everything has already been lived and due to our ego, we think that we are living in a linear time and we think there is past, present and future. On the other hand, there is one thing that mind has problem understanding. Everywhere, in most of the self help books, it is said that we create what we think and we can change destiny. Mind cannot grasp the idea of fate and free will together, in the same life. How can you explain this dilemma? What I could find as an explanation is that this is such an amazing system that even though there is fate, we are made to think that we can choose and there are consequences to our choices, since this is the only way to evolution, to learn, to grow..... I just want to know your view on this. Thank you very much. Lale. Turkey

A; Good day to you. Man cannot fully grasp the idea of choice in all situations of his life, until he attains Mastery of the self. When this is attained you no longer wonder as you are now, it will just be.
You see, what you call 'mind', that is the problem. Ego and self reside in the mind, and therefore new concepts and truths are not able to be clearly seen. The 'fate' as you say is your life contract. What is decided before you reincarnate on Earth. Can I say to you, even in this there is choice. Yet this choice is from your higher self, which views lessons and life very differently from the 'mind'.

Master Kuthumi.


(32) Q; Dear Master, I sit in a circle in my home one day per week, this is a circle of love and light, we have some very enlightened energies come to us, for a session or two, then we go to new energies from the higher realms. We are just a bit muddled as to why so many introductions and blending of energies each week, it is such a wonderful experience, but we do not fully recognize our roll as yet. Can you help here. Thank you. Donna. Australia

A; Good day to you.
It is wonderful that you choose this way of learning and experiencing on your path toward enlightenment. Let me say that at times when the various soul energies come together it can indeed feel 'muddled' as you say for a short time. For just as it is important for a single soul to clear their energy field in order to reach higher levels, it is also important for individuals in a group situation. Can I say also, that clearing the room of negative energies before and after you meet will assist you as well.
When a group such as yourselves meet in this way, many light beings, will come around to look, to feel the energies. It may also help you to open in prayer, asking the Light to surround and protect you, to guide all of you in your process. We are all in service to the Light.
With continued meditation and pure heart you will be guided, as individuals, each play a part.

Master Kuthumi.


(33) Q; Dear Master, What is the karmic cause of psoriasis, and can it be cured? Mary. USA

A; Good day.
As in afflictions such as this, there is always a reason, not always karmic, though at times it is so.
Many of the reasons are held in past life yet I can tell you this is not always so. You come with no physical condition which is not chosen by yourself prior to incarnation. I can tell you that yours is due to your inner nervous system and a sensitive personality combined.

Master Kuthumi.


(34) Q; Dear Master, Are the plans for the Externalization of the hierarchy reaching a climax to the point of Divine intervention, and if so do you physically plan to reappear on Earth. Or will five 'world teacher' channels be used to dispense cosmic energy as well as sacred teachings on your behalf? Fondest Aloha. Lyra

A; Good day.
I see your Light, how bright it is, how full of purpose. Please remember also enjoyment of this incarnation.
To answer the question you present to me, I will not physically reappear as an incarnate, however I will work through my teacher channels, and the second level of teachers which I will guide. Much more can be achieved in this way.

Master Kuthumi.


(35) Q; Dear Master, Gday I was just wondering whether, while the soul can be 'damaged' and lose parts etc, is a person's 'higher self' invincible? Nicholas.

A; Good day to you.
The soul can be damaged by one's experience during incarnation. If the soul had to endure great physical or mental pain, or severe addiction, during a life time, the soul will require healing on return to the first dimension arrived at on this side. This is where all healing takes place, where a soul is healed.
A soul cannot lose parts of the whole soul, no, it cannot. It may choose to withdraw for a time from the physical body due to shock of anger that the body is experiencing, but the soul must always return until the life force in the physical body ceases.
The higher self is totally invincible when one reaches Nirvana, enlightenment. At this point one has gained control of the emotional body and the ego self.
The higher self is always there for love, for guidance. It is the ego self which so often uses ones emotions and seeks to 'rule' the person in this way, thereby not allowing access to the higher self, and soul growth.
This is man's journey - to learn, to grow, to over come, to reach enlightenment.

Master Kuthumi.



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