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Questions and Answers

Questions 26 - 30

(26) Q; What are the masters thoughts on Suicide, is Suicide wrong? Craig UK

A; Good day. No suicide is not wrong. There is no right or wrong, there is only experience. Many highly evolved souls have incarnated on the planet to assist in the transition process. I can tell you, that for many of these souls, the Earth's heavy vibration and the heaviness of everyday living has been more that they can endure, and they have returned, unable to complete their contract.
Further, let me till you also, that these souls were welcomed in celebration, as are all souls. There was no judgment here, no.
And indeed for some souls, life on earth is just too difficult. Some succumb to drugs and alcohol in a vain attempt to hide their reality and pain.
I have no judgment of these souls - only love for them.

Master Kuthumi.

(27)   Q; What is karmic debt? How can you tell if you have such a debt towards another person and in what way can you pay this debt

A; Good day. Karmic debt relates to the universal law of cause and effect. Thoughts lead to action, and if those hurt another, then you create Karma. The bigger the negative action, the bigger the karma owed.
Karma can also be built up if you continually help someone with no energy exchange. That other soul then becomes indebted to you.
Karmic debts are usually played out in the next life time. At the time of making your contract before incarnating, Karma either owed or owing, will also be worked out by the lords of karma and yourself. The other soul must agree to this and how it will be played out also.
However, at the time of birth, much of this memory is lost. When you meet the other soul in the next life time, your soul will recognize that soul. You will feel you know them very well, even though you have just met. You could equally feel apprehensive yet somehow 'drawn' to the person. The soul, through your higher self always knows what is best for you, so you can complete your contract.

Master Kuthumi


(28)   Q;Channeling healing light of different colors on the planet is the best thing we can do at the moment and gives proper results, or not. Is necessary to do it in groups or it depends from the deep feeling and personal connection of the practitioner? Is better now work on oneself for self healing and harmonization or create new structures like communities?  Nadia     Italy

A; Good day to you. As you have raised a number of questions, I shall answer  each one separately.
If you choose to channel healing light of color to Earth, this will certainly assist and will also give a healing to the Earth and the inhabitants. It is not only the Earth this healing will filter through to, no, for when an intent of healing is released, it raises the vibration of the atmosphere. Color will enhance this, though many use the white Light, which will magnify the healing intent also.
As for groups of people sending out the same intent, well I can tell you, it does have even more of an effect on healing the Earth. It is magnified so many more times you see. So yes, in groups is always better because of this.
As healing practioners, you would be addressing your life contract, and so the intent of healing and purpose would be from the heart. Can I say to you that intent is all, it is everything, no matter what you are doing, the intent in which you do it is all. And if that intent comes form your heart, then it comes with love and is pure. We here feel each ones intent, and that is why I say to you - intent is all.
It is always better to begin by working on yourself - healing and clearing the emotional body. This is always needed to be done first. Once you have begun to do this, through knowledge and healing, your vibration will raise also. You then become a most effective healer. It is always better to heal yourself, and then you are better able to move out to others, if you wish.

Master Kuthumi.


(29)   Q;Dear Master Kuthumi. I have read that the creation is repeating itself in the same way as before and everything one is experiencing now, has happened exactly the same way before. Ok, is my understanding right, that the creator has created all these things only to experience Himself in all different situations of life...and we are just part of the game and have to make our experiences??
We all come out of this source and will some day return to it....right?  
My question now is, how can it always be the same, when everything in life and the whole creation is always going in the direction of more and more and wants to evolve??
It does not make any sense. Or is it not the same ..or  what is than the difference???
Thank you so much for this answer..   Ingrid   Germany.

A; Good day to you, this is a complex question you ask. I will endeavor to give a little understanding.
Nothing is exactly the same, it cannot be, due to evolution and each ones choices. Man has indeed lived before, with a much higher vibration and awareness or knowledge also. Through mistakes and foolishness and choice he fell and entered the heavier 3rd dimension vibration. You could say, man had to almost begin again. Man is now raising his vibration yet again.
As to the Creator or Source. All of you are a part of Source, this is true. And your soul lessons from experience. As I have said many times, there is no right or wrong, only experience. You return life time after life time to learn, to experience, grow and raise your vibration through that experience. You are learning much faster now at this time on your planet.
In the past, when the vibration was much heavier, it sometimes took many life times to learn one lesson, particularly for those working through strong will.
You are now living in a higher, finer vibration and much more Light is being given to the planet. Many of you also, contain a higher vibration and awareness. It is not the same, it cannot be, as both man and the planet are indeed evolving to Light, to existing in that Light, with Love and peace for all.

Master Kuthumi

(30)   Q;Dear Master Kuthumi, I was wondering are children more connected with spirit and their higher self than the average adult? Nicholas

A; As you are aware mankind and the planet have raised their vibration to the fourth dimensional energy. Due to the photon belt energy, your earth time and attainment of higher self development are speeding up. Man must not only function in fourth dimensional energy, but also grow in enlightenment in preparation to move into fifth dimensional energy.
The new souls incarnating are brave souls, for they will assist in this process. They will show the way forward for many of you. So yes they come in with a higher vibration and are therefore more connected to us.

Master Kuthumi.


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