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Questions and Answers

Questions 21 - 25

(21) Q; Has EGO a place in our lives? If EGO is the personality, then how can we live without our personality? We would all be clones if that were to happen wouldn't we? If we are balanced with our Higher Selves would EGO exist?

Thank-you. Sharon Australia

A; Good day to you. This is interesting - how you have perceived the ego self. All have ego as you are aware. Even the highest spiritual soul on your planet has to battle at times with the ego self. For the ego self also contains your very survival consciousness - your will to live.
Of course, remember the personality is the cloak of your soul, you cannot survive without your personality - the ego.
The answer to your question is balance - simply balance. As I have said nothing is complicated. It is man who chooses to make it so. As you proceed on your path you become very aware of ego, and the devastating effects it can have both on your physical and spiritual lives. As you progress further on your spiritual journey the ego self is always there, often surfacing when you least expect it. You may become 'full' of yourself, or think you are far greater than another. This is judgment caused by your own ego self.
Balance is required - always balance. In all things there is positive and negative, black and white. So it is with spirituality also. Become aware. Arm yourself with knowledge and awareness. In this way you will achieve balance between ego self and your higher spiritual self. This will enable you to overcome the ego self when it wishes to come forward. You can halt it and say, no, I will not allow my ego self to come forward.

Master Kuthumi.

(22) Q; I have read all that you have said in your teachings on the website. If someone wishes to consciously end their reincarnation cycle by clearing the emotional body of energetic blockages, what ways are open to them besides meditation which could be used on their own or in compliment? What effect does this have on the spiritual, mental and physical bodies in this life where they can converse with spirit as much as the living? Also to know one's own spirit history and current life contract etc.

Thank you Master. With love, Oliver. UK.

A; Good day to you. In order to raise your vibration considerably, the emotional body must be cleared of all negative debris. Many on their path, clear only part, or what they feel are major issues for them in their current lifetime. This will indeed raise their vibration to another level, yet often not enough to complete a path to the very higher levels. To do this there must be a totally clear pathway full of light, which can only be completely achieved by a total clearing of all negativity and emotional issues. For many, this is also clearing negativity from previous life times.
So how is this achieved? Who can help you? There are many workers of Light available. Those who heal through regression techniques, soul healing, thought field therapy. All can assist.
This will indeed create a clear channel for us, and for your guides to communicate more frequently and clearly. We do not have to try to connect to you through a layer of dense negativity. So you can now see the difference, can now begin to see how much more is able to be achieved through a clear path of communication with us.
Yet, I can tell you that your learning will not cease once this level is reached. For at this higher level of vibration and knowing your ego self will also be tested more that ever.
My love to you

Master Kuthumi.

(23) Q; The souls that come to the Earth Plane for the first time, where do they come from? I mean how are they born? There just seems to be more souls coming in these days than going out with the population levels increasing on this planet.

Love and Blessings, William USA

A; Good day. Souls are formed of energy on the Soul plane. The earth is a planet where great experience and learning can be achieved for the soul.
At your present time, many old souls of great experience and wisdom are choosing to incarnate to assist the Earth and many needing souls through the transition period.

Master Kuthumi.

(24) Q; Dear Master Kuthumi, how can one know, if one is going to meet his/her twin flame in this current life time, if this union for a higher purpose is meant to be now? When there is this strong yearning in the heart, is this a sign that it is going to happen soon? Simin Turkey

A; Good day. No this is not a sign it will happen soon. What you are hoping for is one to share your life, your hopes and wishes with.
A twin flame is one who comes into your life with a spiritual purpose also. This is decided upon on a higher realm, and the other soul is often one you have known in previous incarnations. There is the flow, and much Light and of course love.

Master Kuthumi.

(25) Q; Dear Master. It is beyond my comprehension that a soul would decide for himself to be hanged! I refer to the person who is in Singapore's prison to be hanged in a couple of days. It is beyond my comprehension that another human being hangs this soul? I am aware that we as humans have certain lessons to be learned and that we all try to become enlightened one day! However I can not comprehend that a soul decide for himself to be hanged? This is beyond my comprehension to move forward towards enlightment. I can not comprehend that some one would do this procedure. I can not comprehend that the president of Singapore does not grant clemency for all others who might be on death row. When I write this, tears are flowing, I feel so sad , so hopeless ,where is the compassion towards others, where is the love for each other, why is it so difficult for humans not to give in? How on earth do we still have death penalties on this earth plane, I thought we are living in the 2006. I also know that if the soul decides to go than yes there is not much we can do. So my question is why are certain souls decide for themselves some events in their lives which are beyond my comprehension. ( hanging, murder, rape etc to name a view)

A; Good day. As I come to answer your question I can tell you he is on this side. He fulfilled a duty - to his brother. To answer the remainder of your question I will do so in a teaching. You have raised many issues to be addressed. I thank you for this.

Master Kuthumi.


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