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Questions and Answers

Questions 16 - 20

(16) Q; Exodus is a centre in Russia which works with lords of light, if to trust this centre and their website. They also publish a lot of books with new information how to live and develop nowadays and they underline importance of El Moyra who began saving Russia. So I'm interested to know if Lords really work with this centre. I think Master Kuthumi has information and could agree or disagree sayings of centre Exodus has now strong influence on masses. By the way I always wanted to ask why you take money for sending messages to master? Lyubomyr Ukraine

A; Good day to you. I answer this question by asking why do you doubt?
The answer is yes, my brother and I are working in this area a great deal in order to bring much more light and knowledge of life and development of the soul. We assist in raising awareness in order to attain a higher vibration of understanding for all. My brother El Moyra assists with this great task.
Now your other question. I have spoken of this issue in my teaching of Worthiness Part 2.
I would also add that without my channel and her husband's knowledge and willingness to assist us in our work, the site you see would not exist. I am aware of the effort and time that is required. I am also aware that they, like others, must have food, a house the live in and enough of your " money" in order to have these things.
Can I say to you all things in balance. I am aware and I assist in this matter. We feel it a worthy energy exchange.
My Blessings.

Master Kuthumi.

(17) Q; Dear Master, I have several questions for you. My first question is in regards to Kriya Yoga. I understand that Babaji is also an Ascended master. Can you please shed some light on the power/significance of Kriya Yoga? How can we partake of it? My second question is; what is the relationship between yourself and Sri Sathya Sai Baba? Lastly, Do we all have spirit guides? What are they? How can we come into contact with them? Thanks for your time and service.

A; Good day to you. Your question centers around the issue of raising to the higher levels and being in a state of peace and tranquility, which is found in the higher state of consciousness. I cannot promote one method above another, just as I am unable to tell you what to do. I will say to you that it is the Divine being, who encompasses all facets of mankinds beliefs and religions. The planet is now preparing to enter an age where all beliefs will be gathered to one source, the Divine Source. Some say God, some say Buddha, it matters not, for there is but one source above all. As I have said many times, all have a guide, in spirit, who has agreed to assist you on your present incarnation. The purpose of the assistance given is always to your highest good, your soul purpose. It is for the soul's experience and growth that you have decided to incarnate on this planet , at this, your current earth time, a time of great change and ascension. All of you are beings of light, yea all of you, even those that you perceive to be living an unenlightened path. They are also experiencing and learning. As more light and more love is placed on and around your planet, this will serve to enlighten their souls further, and raise their vibration.
In order to achieve contact with a guide, master, or a being of light, you need to raise your vibration, and to begin to understand the process, the path. May I suggest you read my teachings on this site, and you may also wish to look at the course I have given to my channel for this very purpose.
Thank you.

Master Kuthumi.

(18) Q;

Master, New age books say you are the master responsible for introducing the fact of etheric or subtle body to humanity. In this context can you say something about the pioneering efforts of dr. Hiroshi Motoyama (a awakened man) to prove the etheric body by means of electronic devices to the scientific community

A; Good day, It is complexing why some individuals continue to try to analyze the subtle bodies of man, and how to 'see' them with physical eyes only. However, a well used method of seeing this with a camera, used specifically to see the etheric body - the colors, and indeed dark or weak areas can also be seen before the illness is able to manifest in the physical body. Of course, the colour change continually and one should try to remember this. Since the etheric body is also energy, it is therefore contained in this energy field also. This is sometimes seen also as a 'light'. there are 8 bodies contained in these higher levels. There is much more to say on this subject and so much more for man to understand. I leave this for my teaching course, to go into greater detail on this subject.

Master Kuthumi.

(19) Q; Greetings Master. I have one general question for you if it is okay. I am a student and I would like to know which is a good way to retain information so one can do well on examinations, tests etc. and eventually earn a good grade. Are there certain techniques which are recommended? Thank you for your time and apologize for any incontinences. Love, Ravi

A; Good day to you, Well I can tell you that to learn the art of meditation is a wonderful tool to have because in doing so you learn to clear the mental body of 'chatter', or 'busy' thoughts. This also will assist greatly in calming the physical body to a more peaceful state. By creating both of these things for yourself you will be able to study and concentrate. Unfortunately this is the only easy path for you in this matter.

Master Kuthumi.

(20) Q; How can a person raise their vibration consistently higher on their own, as to be able to tap into their various psychic abilities and channel information as well? Tamra Calgary

A; This is rather in-depth, however to answer your question briefly. To begin, you must allow your energies and thoughts to flow through your heart centre. This will ensure a correct energy is attained. Then, learn to meditate and still your mind, the mental body. After attaining this level of awareness, your psychic centers should be opening.
The emotional body must be cleared of all trauma, pain and past hurts. This will enable you to raise your vibration higher to enable you to channel a guide. Enlightenment is a journey - a very powerful and satisfying one.

Master Kuthumi.


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