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Questions and Answers

Questions 11 - 15

(11) Q; Master , Please speak to us on this issue: the connection of the earth with/to/for humanity. Laura Lee USA

A; Good day to you.
The earth has always been able to provide mankind with all his physical needs for his survival. You call her "Mother Earth" and indeed she is like a mother nurturing a child. As you are aware, the earth on which you live, provides you with food, water and shelter. Also with seasons, there is time to plant, to harvest, to rest. But mankind has let his "ego" self take over too much, and we see much greed and selfishness, manipulation and abuse. Abuse of earth and of other souls. Man has allowed his wants and greed's to spread out and poison much of that which he needs for his very survival on earth. And you will find that same "mother" earth will soon begin to discipline, as you would a child who is not listening.
Earth will continue on it's journey, however it is time for mankind to stop and look at what he is creating around him, time to take responsibility of his actions and destruction of earth.
It is hoped with more light being poured out to mother earth, that she will be able to heal, and that many more souls will indeed begin to treasure and nurture earth through new eyes and awareness. I will speak more of this.

Master Kuthumi.

(12) Q; In this limited life span of our's, is it possible to become enlightened by meditating and contacting cosmic energies alone. The only alternative seems to be pranayama to raise kundalini, Of course seems harmful without knowledge. If the house is on fire one runs out quickly and not slowly. So is there any jet speed techniques instead of bullock cart ones. Karthik India

A; Good day to you.
Well, you wish to have a "jet speed track" to awareness, higher consciousness. As I have said many times, it is a process, a process of soul growth, of clearing, of trust and faith. You may find my teaching on "Releasing" helpful to you. It is on my website.
You cannot "jet speed" this process, for there is much to learn, and it must be learnt thoroughly by the student. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Perhaps you could consider a teaching course on this to assist you.

Master Kuthumi.

(13) Q; There are so many different forms of healing, from conventional medicine to herbal/ Pranic healing , Reiki and much more. I am aware that each form of healing has healing potential even when the person is not open for it. Why is it that when a person is open to learn a certain form of healing, the healing does not take place. For example Eric Pearl was very sceptical at first, however he did receive this energy to heal people. So what is it that some souls have and other don't even they are open to it!. Jantine Australia

A; First of all, every soul on your planet has the ability and energy to heal others with what many call 'spiritual healing'. Some souls are more open to this than others - they are, can I say, clearer than others on their emotional bodies also. You may well believe you are 'open' to the healing, but there is some part of you, a block, which is doing just that - blocking you. This will require looking deep into your very being, and even back to your previous life, in order to uncover this.
Yes you see, although every soul is able to heal others, there can be many reasons why one is 'temporally' unable to. If you choose to look deeper into your being, into yourself, I can tell you, that you will not only discover much about yourself, but you will also achieve much soul growth.

Master Kuthumi.

(14) Q; Dear Master Kuthumi, how do you oversee the future of spiritual awakening of people of Africa? Any suggestion you would love to give... Warmly welcomed. Moses Tanzania

A; The control and fear in this country has been great, and has created much suffering to many. For change to come about in your country, all fear must be overcome, for fear is the sole cause of the control, the brutality, the greed in obtaining wealth and possessions, and the inability to allow the soul to come forward.
The time is coming when soul peace will be achieved. The volume of light being sent by other souls on your planet will also play a part, for all will be needed to clear the darkness and negativity in the atmosphere around this country. As more and more souls awaken, more light, more knowledge and more sharing between all in order to grow spiritually, to acknowledge the souls growth and wisdom, this will spread throughout, leading to enlightenment.

Master Kuthumi.

(15) Q; How do persons on the path to ascension cope with the ridicule of family members that are not yet awakening, without feeling the hurt from their comments. Donna Australia

A; It is indeed very difficult to stand firm when faced with judgment - for this is what it is - judgment. For those who are not awakened, who choose not to see the light, the soul growth, have no understanding, and so they ridicule and judge, simply because of their lack of knowledge and experience. But for you, being a being of light, you are sensitive to all negativity, particularly from those of close ties.
Many souls faced with this same situation on their path. Can I say that a situation like this, with constant negative comments will usually not be tolerated for any length of your time. The negativity of it will 'grate' on your energy and also your own knowledge. You know that all souls must come to enlightenment, through various experiences and lifetimes.
And so you will find yourself withdrawing - as you will from all negativity. For as the soul withdraws, from it, so will you physically also. 

Master Kuthumi.


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